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Is Arbor Mist really wine?

My mother-in-law loves to entertain. She is truly in her element at Thanksgiving and goes above and beyond to present quite the spread. Everyone is assigned one or two small things to bring, but she does all the big stuff.  

In addition to my assigned contributions (veggie tray, cheese board & ecclair cake) we decided to take along a bottle of wine we purchased at the Biltmore Estate winery during our honeymoon. I asked my mother-in-law if there was room to chill it in the refrigerator. She pushed it away and told me she had wine that was already cold. She then pulled out two large bottles of Arbor Mist Blackberry Merlot from the refrigerator.

I wasn't surprised because that's her favorite alcoholic beverage and it's served at almost every function she hosts.  I did suggest a couple of times that we go ahead and chill the wine we'd brought so that it would be ready to serve when the current selection ran out. That was met with an enthusiastic reply of "Oh! Don't worry about that. There are four more bottles of Arbor Mist in the pantry!" It was also assumed that since I brought wine I would be drinking wine with the meal through the social time that followed. Thus, my glass of Arbor was never allowed to fall below 1/3 full. I wasn't looking to get drunk or anything, but I never felt any effects of the alcohol. I was left with an upset stomach from the high sugar content. Oh, and maybe possibly from overindulging in the meal.

Long story short, the wine I brought sat uncorked on the sideboard for the entire day. In my head I had decided to leave it as a hostess gift of sorts. We made it to the car and were backing out when mother-in-law came running out of the house, bottle of Biltmore wine in hand.

Other than a bruised ego, I wasn't really upset by the whole thing. It just got me thinking. I've had Arbor Mist before and I'm not saying it doesn't taste good. It can be enjoyable in small doses and given the appropriate place and time. I'm just saying I would put it more in the category of a wine cooler or a spiked juice than an actual wine.  She serves this selection wish such pride that I could never call it "wrong." I'm no expert on the subject and I don't want to be a snob.  So what do you think?

Should Arbor Mist be classified as wine?

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Yikes! No way! Arbor Mist is like... slightly alcoholic fruit juice! It is NOT wine. And to me it's more of a dessert drink, or something to drink on its own - not with a meal. That's what traditional whites and reds are for. Serving it with Thanksgiving dinner seems more than a bit odd.

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Ew, no! That's like my grandma with her Blackberry 'Wine', I think of it more as blackberry syrup with a teeny bit of alcohol.

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